I’ve been painting for nearly 25 years, although only seriously for the past several years.  As a high school student I recall sketching one of my classmates during a particularly boring class. It was a seminal moment as I showed my sketch to friends and they immediately recognized my rendition of our classmate. I realized then I had potential, but it would be several decades before I harnessed my interests and began exploring myself as a painter.

Around age 40 I was first exposed to the paintings of Paul Gauguin. Recognizing that Gauguin did not truly begin his own artistic adventure until nearly age 40, I realized I could do the same. Shortly after discovering Gauguin, I traveled to Vietnam and was completely enamored by Hanoi artists, and I now consider this period the awakening of my theretofore latent painter.

Shortly after my retirement, an unexpected move from the US to the Middle East, provided me with an abundance of time and very little to do, the perfect combination for me to truly begin painting on a regular basis. While primarily a self-taught artist I have taken several undergraduate art classes. In particular Philip Jackson at the University of Mississippi was an influential teacher. I’ve also attended several painting workshops, most particularly the Flemish Classical Atelier workshops in Bruges, Belgium, the home town of my wife. Under the guidance of Shane Wolf and David Gray my understanding of oil painting as a medium was further developed.

Since 2015 I’ve painted over 150 paintings of various sizes and subject matters. I find myself continually drawn to portraiture and return again and again to the portrait as for me the portrait alone can capture so much of a person’s essence. I’ve been living in Budapest, Hungary since early 2017 and just love this city. It’s been an inspiration and a catalyst for transformation.